We mark verbs, not nouns

Posted: September 24, 2011 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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What’s the difference between a Noun and a Verb? Go on, look it up in a dictionary.

In general, a Noun is a thing. A ‘the’. An object of quantifiable nature. Stasis. A verb, by contrast, is action; Application of a skill; qualitative; an action; something that has happened. Movement, change.

So when we talk about research, what is it? Verb or noun? Do you have research, or have you done research?

As a noun, I expect a selection of facts. Pages printed. And most students take this to heart, they cut and paste information. they find the website and print it off. Job done. Except it’s not. These actions are not research; googling or looking for facts, pressing print or ctrl+v and ctrl+c is surface action. it is mechanical. there is no cognition involved. You end up with some paper.

Now as a verb, well – that’s different. You find information. You examine it and judge it relevant or irrelevant. You process it to extract the useful portions. You summarise it. You collate it. You understand it. You create something new influenced by it. You add to the sum of human knowledge. You end up with useful information.

It is important how you think and talk about things, as this influences your actions. research as a noun = no grades, research as a verb = distinction. What’s the difference between a Noun and a Verb? A qualification!



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