More Haste, Less Speed

Posted: September 29, 2011 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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Haste – a necessity for hurrying; urgency

Speed – The state of being in rapid motion; rapidity.

We are about to enter the last week of filming. We should have all the names to visit by tomorrow afternoon. We are running out of time.

Is the project possible? Of course it is. However, the stress is beginning to show. People are starting to panic. And people panic in different ways.

Some run around screaming. Some sit and work really hard. Some just stare into space. Only one of these reactions actually helps…

Often, the first thing to stop is communication. People don’t talk. They assume someone else is doing the job. Communication is a two way process; You cannot communicate if the other person isn’t listening.

The most important thing to getting this done is to know what you need to do. You have a choice, either plug away for an hour trying to figure out what is happening, or think about it for 45 minutes, and then do it in 5 because you know what you are doing.

This is the difference between speed and haste. Haste is the point where something needs to be done with some urgency; take a medical procedure for example. It is urgent, but if you rush it there will be dire consequences. Haste is a need for acting quickly, not actually rushing in.  Speed is the object in motion – there is no cognition, just a physical measurement of how fast something is happening. If you rush, you are using speed and no accuracy  –  the phrase “Rush Job” refers to something that has been done shoddily.

The trick is to use haste. Do not rush, do not panic. Look at the job. do what is necessary to complete the job. No more, no less. Do it in good time. If there is a mistake, correct it. We need attention to detail just as much as we need timeliness.

So, follow the plan. If you don’t have the plan, find it. Talk to the team – and there are 40 of us – and focus on the goal. All films, edited, by 10th October.

If the plan changes, the plan changes.


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