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Posted: October 2, 2011 by Alan Hardcastle in FdA 11_13
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On a degree level course, it is essential that you read around the subject. So while you are working on you creative and technological realisation, you also need to pay attention to the academic and theoretical. 

As a practitioner, I often find reading a great way to find inspiration. It is important to let yourself be influenced by a variety of different sources, as disparate as possible possible That way, you are not just copying but building on other peoples work. There is no such thing as pure originality, only creative re-interpretation.

So, you need to read the following texts. they may influence your work, or inform it – but they must be part of your reflective analysis of your induction piece. Since this is an induction assignment, our main aim is to figure out what that means!

Here is our first text, taken from an A level OCR book written by Julian McDougal, who has some interesting ideas about the non-existence of media. It explains the basics of postmodernism, and is followed by another A level text on intertextuality.

Now, if that has peaked your interest, you may want to have a look at this doc on hyperreality. 

And if you really want to get ahead, here is another point of view from Denis MacQuail in his seminal book “Mass Communication Theory”. Even though it is now a little out of date when it refers to technology, it is still bang on when it talks about theory an effects.

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