Role of the Writer

Posted: October 30, 2011 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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So, we start the scriptwriting unit. Finally.

In this unit you will be writing scripts for Actors to perform as part of their acting for TV Unit. You will meet with them, find out what they want, research it and write it for them. Then film it to test how well you can write.

But first, as always, there is the essay. You have 3 weeks to research “The Role of the Writer in the Commissioning Process”.

Luckily, we have some primary information – we will be visited by a Scriptwriter on 8th November. He will be able to answer a lot of questions for us. So, we need to prepare. 

You need to go out and find out the basics. Trawl the internet, look at books in the library, Read the brief on blackboard… all the usual stuff you do at the last minute. But do it so that when you have access to a professional, you don’t look like an idiot.

What is a commission? Look at the BBC Commissioning site, gather information to define what a commission is and how it works for the BBC.

How do you get Commissioned? This all looks very well, but how would I go about preparing all this stuff?

What is an Agent? Do I need one? How much do they cost? Do they pay me?

What is a pitch? How do I Sell the idea?

How does the writer fit into all this? What is the writers actual job? What does the writer actually have to do, other than just write?


So, go away and find out that basic information. Then we can pick a profesisonals brains!



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