On marking….

Posted: December 30, 2011 by Alan Hardcastle in FdA 11_13

It is clear from marking the first serious work on the degree that ideas are like Geysers.

Bear with me here.

Around a geyser you tend to find mud flats, where gas escapes through thick mud. Then there is the main explosion of the geyser that attracts the attention. These are like ideas. You have your massive explosion of ideas that everyone notices, and you have your slow bubbling ideas that often go ignored.

What has become clear is that everyone is having the ideas. The right thoughts are flowing. It’s just that some aren’t recognising them. 

Many are just sitting, examining something, while the thoughts bubble to the surface, escape and are lost. Others look on in desperation as the ideas explode in an uncontrolled way. The important thing here, though, is the ideas are there.

We need to look at how we treat these ideas. In America, the tendency is to stand around and watch the geyser explode. It’s pretty, but the significance is gone in favour of spectacle.

We are on a degree. It is a more… Scandinavian approach. We need to build pipes to contain the geyser and harness it’s energy – and power the town for free. We can utilise the gas rising and use it to generate electricity. Nothing is wasted, and whatever is not used in the short term is saved for the future.



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