Creating a Sound Design

Posted: January 9, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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You are charged with replacing the sounds on an existing video piece. You choose the video and create a sound design. You will need to plan it, showing your intention, and show how this plan changes as you generate the sounds. You will show this in your blog.

Throughout this blog, you will be given outcomes you need to achieve. These are the criteria you are being marked on.

You will be given guidance for Blog Entries you will need to make. This will show a development of your skills throughout the project.

You will be expected to mention the skills you have developed in the workshops. This too will show a development of skills.

 Please follow these and make sure you keep up with the tasks as you will be marked on your development throughout the project. Your final grade will be dependant on the quality of the practical work and your blog entries.

Please make sure each blog entry is to the same standard of English you would use in any other written submission.

I will update each section as we undertake it.



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