Audience Research

Posted: February 19, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12, Critical Responses
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27th January – 24th February 2012

Develop and distribute a Survey to find out the kind and duration of media people consume. For example, devise a series of questions for each of these four parts:-

1.    Who are they? Collect demographic info – Names, Geo-demographics, Age, Gender, Hobbies, Socio-economic scale. etc

2.    What do they Consume?

3.    How much do they consume?

4.    What do they think is violent media? Do they feel they are effected?

Add anything you feel is relevant, justifying your choices on your Blog. We will be using this survey to identify a potential media product to use, as well as volunteers to talk to – so ask the questions accordingly, carefully and make sure they can be understood!

At the end of this part, you will be able to present 2 audience profiles: (Example here)

  • ·      What media a specific demographic group are using (eg College Students)
  • ·      The audience for a specific product (eg Who watches Eastenders).

All of this information, and an explanation of what you did and how you did it will be the start of you report. This report can be online as a blog, or as a word document. It is up to you to keep it up to date.


  • ·      Develop a survey
  • ·      Write about how and why you constructed the survey the way you did
  • ·      Distribute it in a relevant way (eg If you wan to focus on games, get a link onto a games forum etc)
  • ·      Collect & Collate results
  • ·      Compile them and present them graphically, adding them into your Blog or report
  • ·      Interpret them, entering this onto your blog or report
  • ·      Select a product you are going to use in the rest of the research
  • ·      Present profiles.

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