Workshop 1 – ADR

Posted: February 21, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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By this point you shoudl have completed your sound design, and have it up on your Blog. It is now time to start putting it into action.

ADR or Additional Dialogue Replacement is the act of replace the sound recoded on set with clean sound in the studio. It is used in the majority of feature films (as you will have heard in the Two Towers sound example) and TV shows. Predominantly it is use to clean up the sound and enable it to be controlled more effectively in the mix.

We will use soundtrack and explore a few of the tools built into it to make ADR easier – you will also have a go at the performance element of ADR and then apply these skills to your own sound design.

Outcomes for week 6 – 10

3. Be able to respond to the requirements of a discipline

3.1 Assess, the potential and limitations of their proposed approach to sound design for their chosen discipline

3.2 Review and make amendments to approach as required 

6: W/C 20/2/12


  • Purpose of ADR
  • Exercise in ADR
  • Multiple takes
  • Editing on the breath
  • Lip sync

Blog Tasks

o   What is ADR? 

o   When is it used? 

o   Why is it used? 

o   How is it done? 

o   What skills are needed?

o   What equipment is needed?

o   What are the strengths?

o   What are the weaknesses?

o   How can you use this in your design?

o   How successful was your practical task?

o   How has your design changed?



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