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Posted: February 24, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12, Critical Responses
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24th February – 9th March

Present Analysis on 2nd March

You have presented the results of your Survey. You have identified the groups who consume violent media: So, pick a game / film / TV show (eg Modern Warfare for the shooty bits, A horror film for the graphic violence, an episode of Eastenders with a big argument and fight in).

So, now you will have a product to explore and an audience profile of who uses it. We are ready for the next stage.

Create a content analysis of the product.


You should examine the product for technical construction-

  • ·      Audio – what do your hear?
  • ·      Visual – what do you see?
  • ·      Symbolic – what does it represent?
  • ·      Technical – eg Lighting, framing etc
  • ·      linguistic  – what is said and how it is said – eg Dialogue, text etc

Also, find existing responses to the product – what do other people say about it?

  • ·      Online Reviews
  • ·      Critic reviews
  • ·      Fan sites
  • ·      Complaints

Also, add information about similar products in the market.

You should now be able to create a profile of the product itself, describing what happens and how it happens. This will guide us through the focus group when we sit down to get their responses.

Add all those information into your report, either online as a blog or into your word document.


You need to Analyze the content of the product – for example,

  • ·      what is it?
  • ·      What happens within it?
  • ·      What appears to be expected of the audience?
  • ·      How is this communicated to the audience?
  • ·      Has it been influenced by other media products?
  • ·      What Codes and Conventions are used within it?
  • ·      What similar products exist?
  • ·      How does it differ to similar products?
  • ·      How does it fit into the market?

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