The Audience Response

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9th March – Plan Research

16th March – Prepare Research

23rd March  – Conduct Research as focus Group

30th March – Present Results

You now need to gather a focus group. You should have identified these people from your original survey and the profile you made of them.

You will need to define and explain basic audience effects theories, making sure you have opposing viewpoints. Since we are exploring Violence in the media, you will need to explain the following effects theories in terms of how violent media could be effecting violence in society:

  • ·       hypodermic needle model;
  • ·       uses and gratifications theory;
  • ·       reception study;
  • ·       Passive or active consumption:
  • ·       Copycat Theory


You will also need to define the following response terms and find examples.

  • ·       negotiated – The meaning depends on how the audience chooses to read it
  • ·       preferred – the meaning intended by the producers
  • ·       oppositional – the meaning opposite to that intended
  • ·       participatory – Involving the audience in production and meaning eg online response form Twitter, Blogs etc
  • ·       cultural competence – different interpretations depending on Cultural background, eg: The wire – who are the good guys?
  • ·       fan culture – fans creating their own responses

You will get volunteers and expose them to the same product – eg they will all play the same game (form the start) for a period of time and then talk about how they felt, what they did and how they experienced the product.

Through a series of Interviews (spoken or written logs) find out how the groups respond to the product.

  • ·       What did they do?
  • ·       How did they identify with the characters?
  • ·       Why did they enjoy it?
  • ·       How did they feel during / after the product?
  • ·       How did they understand their experience?
  • ·       How do their responses ot the product tie in with the theories you have explored above?


  • ·       Define Effects Theories in your report / blog
  • ·       Define response terms in your report / blog
  • ·       Select a group
  • ·       Give them the same experience of the product
  • ·       Gather their reactions to the product
  • ·       Link these up with the theories you have explored.

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