Documenting a Journey

Posted: March 14, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in FdA 11_13
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So, the new unit has started. We are putting the goal posts out and beginning a new journey.

It feels slightly different this time. You are no longer expected to learn new technical skills, but to apply these to communicating and idea to an audience. As such, we are focused on the message rather than the medium – and that always feels easier.

If you have a clear idea what you want to say it is easier to actually say it. All you previous assignment work has been focusing on just saying something – so now we are thinking more clearly about what we are doing. so, the blog comes into it’s own.

Some people still use the blog as a diary – which is fine, to a point. However, I need to mark how you are guiding your own learning – marking the unmarkable, observing the unobservable. If you just describe, you are not aware of what and how you have learned – therefore, I don’t see it because you have not recognized it and displayed it. To me, that is exactly what I am marking; if you haven’t recognized it as important, you have missed the point! You need to be reflecting on what you have done.

Please read this example of Reflective writing by Jenny Moon. We will explore it in more detail in the future, but it is important to read and reflect. I highly recommend her book, which is in the LRC.

Why is this important? You are about to commit to a public space your innermost thoughts. You are leading a discussion about the issue, so you need to consider it as thoroughly as possible – or necessary. This is where the audience research comes in.

You need to consider you audience in this production – so do it right form the start. Find this opinions. Hunt for those comments in forums, on news stories. Find both halves of the argument. That way, you will know more about the issue, know your audience and probably develop a whole load of ideas for the documentary that you would not have thought of before!

Even if you do not feature in your own film, this will still bear all the marks of showing your journey through this subject. Get reflecting!



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