The PDP Programme

Posted: March 19, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in FdA 11_13

The PDP programme contains sections on the following which we will be lookign at in tutorial over the next few months. You will also find a numbe rof these are covered in WBL.

1 Key Skills

This section covers the important area of Key Skills: What are they? Why are employers so keen on them? Do I have any? How do I develop mine? Completing the audit will help you to plan how you will move your key skills forward.

2 Background

This section allows you to record your current skills, knowledge and competence in relation to qualifications, work-experience, positions of responsibility and extracurricular activities. Here is the chance to look in detail at how you have developed as a result of all these experiences, using both your own self-reflection and feedback from objective sources. There is also an opportunity to pinpoint your key strengths and key areas for improvement.

3 Learning Style

The quiz in this section helps you recognise your learning style. A crucial step in increasing your effectiveness and reaching your potential.

4 Goals
Setting clear goals for the different areas of your life can be invaluable. This section allows you to bring into focus your aspirations in terms of your career, your academic ambitions and your personal goals.

5 Employability

This section describes some of the characteristics that employers are seeking from their employees.

6 Job Applications

This section contains useful tips on producing a professional CV. By completing the main sections of this guide you will have already done much of the hard work. It pays to keep track of things as you go along so that you have all the information at your fingertips when it comes to applying for your next step.

7 Interviews

This section looks at the skills required in order to come across well at an interview.

8 Reference

This section includes a link to your Reference Summary page. This is the only part of your file which will be held by your tutor and will contain the information you want to be included in your references.


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