Present Your Results: The Criteria

Posted: April 20, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12, Critical Responses
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What you will be marked on

4 Be able to develop responses to media products

Critical approaches: eg content analysis, semiotic analysis, structuralism,

Genre: according to production technology, eg film, video, audio, print, digital; distribution method, eg television, cinema, radio, internet, CD, iPod, mobile phone, home computer, hand-held consoles; generic codes and conventions (content, style, symbolic, cultural, technical); changes over time, eg in audience, ideological shifts, re-definition, obsolescence, spoof, pastiche, parody

Narrative structures: narrative, eg single strand, multi-strand, closed, open, linear, non-linear; alternative narrative; enigma; climax; equilibrium

Representation: negative; positive; of social groups; of social issues; stereotyping; presence and absence



Suggested Tasks

P4 present a descriptive response to a media product with some appropriate use of subject terminology. [IE] 

  • Apply your content analysis, the effects theories and the audience response to create a final response to the product.
  • Draw conclusions as to the effects of this particular product
  • Write a conclusion to you report that describes the purpose and effect of the product.

M4 present a discussion of a media product with reference to detailed illustrative examples and with generally correct use of subject terminology.

  • Draw conclusions about the effects of this product based on your content analysis, the audience theories and the audience response.
  • Discuss your response to the media product
  • Draw conclusions as to whether this shows a wider set of issues with violent media
  • Write a conclusion to you report that explains your ideas using examples.

D4 present an analysis of a media product with supporting arguments and elucidated examples, and consistently using subject terminology correctly.

  • Compare responses to this media product to responses to other media products.
  • Analyze the media product with reference to your analysis of the content, the effect theories and the audience response.
  • Write a conclusion that explores the content and effect of violent media products using examples.



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