Planning for your Music Video

Posted: May 18, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 11_13
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Your pre – production folders should contian the following as a minimum –

  • Song
  • Copyright information
  • Proposal / treatment
  • Schedule
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Roles – Managment, Technical
  • Track Analysis / timing sheet
  • Storyboards
  • Shot list
  • Cast
  • Crew
  • Release Forms
  • Props / Costume
  • Locations
  • Location Recce
  • Permissions
  • Movement Orders
  • Equipment
  • Risk Assessments
  • Call Sheets

We are loooking for you to complete these tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible – the object of this project is to apply your skills with the least amount of wasted energy!

You will need to show your Pre Production Folder before you begin shooting – make sure you are organising it so that others can understand it.


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