PASSport Week 2: Individual Edit and Blog

Posted: September 21, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14
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You have shot as a group, shared the fooatge, and now you need to complete your personal edit.

We will be doing an “Active Sesison”. This means that we have a targets set, and you complete them. But we have lots of different skill levels and speeds of working, so everyone will have slightly different targets. We will meet in the class, and set these as a group.

  • What you have done so far
  • What has gone well
  • What problems you have had
  • What you still need to do
  • Where you need to do it
  • What equipment you need

You will need to be specific, but simple. So, no generalisations – “I need to finish it” – but you don’t need too much detail. Just a simple “I have half of it edited, I need to add the next 3 scenes in and then check it. Then I can start on the evaluation”

You will need to do a short video evaluation of what you have done – so get screen grabs, make notes and remember how you have done it! You can then do a directors commentary about the process, or even a screen recording talking through how you edited the sequence.


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