Radio Show Report

Posted: October 10, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in FdA 12_14

So, here we are doing radio in a studio…

Radio is a great place to start. It is audio, so we don’t need to worry about sets and otehr expensive things like that. Hence Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy being a lot cheaper as a radio show than as a film or TV show. We are in a studio, a controlled environment, but we can make it sound like anywhere.

There is also an immediacy to radio broadcasting – we only need the ability to describe something and talk about it. We can report really quickly and cheaply.

There is also a certain portability – we can set up our studio in any room where we can get quite, get the equipment in and focus for the broadcast.

So, as you do your research, be looking for theories and technical examples that explore these aspects. Be looking for guides as to how shows are developed, how the audience are identified and how the show is shaped for them.

While this information will be Radio focussed, we will be looking at how this information can be transferred to other productions.


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