Sound Analysis

Posted: October 11, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14
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We want you to analyse the sounds in the sequence that you created the Swede for.

So, you have a storyboard made up of shots from the sequence. For each shot, you need to identify and classify the sounds into:-

  • Foley
  • Dialogue
  • Sound Effects
  • Ambient
  • Music

First it is a good idea to define each type of sound – put this into a post. Then, for each shot paste in the image for it, and describe what you can hear in the shot. What are the sounds? Are the sounds Diagetic or non-diagetic? What do the sounds sound like?

As an extra, try to explain what these sounds communicate to the audience – are they communicating an emotion? Representing a character? Just making it realistic? Focussing the audience on a specific action?

You should end up with a Storyboard on your blog  that just identifies all the sounds in the sequence.


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