The Pitch

Posted: October 22, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14
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You have a Brief to create a short promotional film for the college, preferably one that could go viral. So, next you need to…

Well, so your research. Sorry.

Find examples of Viral films; What is a viral film? What is the definition? Well, and film that is mainly transmitted by people recommending it to each other, and a lot of people are emailing it, could be going Viral. Luckily, the Guardian have plenty of examples in their weekly Viral Top 10.

So, having looked at examples, you should have an idea of what connects them  – the conventions – and what they are saying – The Codes. You may start to have some ideas forming in your head.

Again, do you research! will you idea work? how can you shoot it? How can you change it so you can get it shot? keep this information – it will form part of a pre production report.

Then you can prepare to pitch your idea. A pitch is a verbal sell of your idea – make it punchy, hit home and capture your audience within the first 30 seconds, and keep it to 3 minutes long. Any questions left in the audience’s head (“how are you going to stage a Zombie invasion?”) can then be answered based on your pre production report.

So, you have a few days to research before you need to pitch your idea after half term. Better get going!

And a few ideas to get you moving…





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