Location Projects

Posted: January 7, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in FdA 12_14
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We have now started Location Practice, and the first thing we are doing is identifying and presenting on one aspect of your research. This should include photocopies / printouts of the information, plus a short summary of what it means to you and how it can be used.

This will be presented in an informal seminar – so be prepared to talk about the subject, and be prepared to listen to other people and challenge their findings – this may well help your final report.

This leaves us with the practical aspect of the course. We need you to identify what you are planning to do. In the first instance, this is how you will meet the brief – so, what format are you working in? What skills are you using? How will you achieve this? This could be shooting a script, making a music video or location interview for the radio show. You will need what your role will be – are you doing it as a camera-person, and editor, a director, producer, sound designer / recordist…?

Then you can work on a proposal in the creative sense – this will focus on the overall final product, eg as a short film, scene, music video, radio package, etc.


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