Application of Theory

Posted: January 29, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in FdA 12_14
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Alexander Mackendrick‘s book, “On Film-making” (2004) is proving to be very insightful. It is pretty much exploring his approach to teaching as a director, and covers his film-making approach. One quote that really struck me was:-

“Creativity’ will always look after itself if you are prolific in production, which means starting off by turning out masses of work that is relatively unoriginal, derivative and imitative. When productivity has become second nature, you will find you have acquired a freedom in which your particular and personal individuality emerges of its own accord. One of the things I find frequently missing in students … is not imagination itself, rather the knack of making a disciplined effort in the development of a fertile imagination.

Intelligent and critical students are all too apt to use ‘thinking’ as a substitute for the much harder work of ‘imagining’ at the intuitive, emotional and sensory levels. People who talk about things instead of doing them tend to use analysis as a substitute for creativity. But a . statement about the kind of effect you want to achieve is never a substitute for the often exhausting labours that must go into actually creating that effect. Work is the only real training.

So, doing is learning. The ability to make films is more important than the ability to think of doing. So, any theory is only useful for how it can be used. So keep making films. And making films.

A film-maker makes films. It’s simple. It’s in the title.

The whole point of this course is to reflect on theory and apply it – so, not a million miles away from Mackendricks opinion. We need to constantly discover theories, and apply them to our practical work.

Or, to put this theory into practice,

  • Pick a location or a prop.
  • Make a film
  • That tells a story
  • with no Dialogue
  • Using any available technology
  • You have 3 hours to complete it and get it uploaded.

The more you do this, the better you will be at film-making!


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