Analysing music Videos

Posted: March 7, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14, Creative Media Production

When you are talking about the videos, you are analysing them for Style, Convention and techniques.

To put it simply, what it looks like, what things happen in it (separate to the unique content of the video), and how it is made.

Video, Video, Video..!

Today we will look at how all 3 are linked – and how to separate them when looking at the video. If we focus on the techniques, and actually examine how the video is made we can really break the whole thing apart and talk about all the different elements that make up each video you will use as an example.

We can look at the techniques in 3 different ways – what the performer is doing (ie what are we pointing the camera at!), what the camera is doing (IE how are you pointing it at the performer!) and what you then do with this footage in editing.

So, the performance should be for the camera – that is our audience, so any dancing, miming or lip syncing needs to be supported with playback of the track you are going to be editing to. Obviously, the style will influence the costuming and choreography.

The use of the camera can also include the technical set up – lighting, iris, shutter speed, focus, zoom, angle, movement etc. Again, this will be influenced by the style you are making the video in, but all must be considered!

All of this will come together in Post – you should be able to see how the shooting has been designed for the editing plan. How will it be cut? What effects are you using? And remember – keying in post needs good planning in camera!


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