Music Video Proposal

Posted: March 14, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14, Creative Media Production

Now is the time to start applying all that watching you have been doing. All those music videos, exploring the techniques used, the purpose, the style…. Now you need to pull all this together and apply it to you own idea.

Just having the idea isn’t enough – you need to communicate it to your audience, in this case, the band or the manager. You need to be able to analyse the music track, take into account the audience for the track, the style and image of the performer and come up with a creative concept and an idea that takes all these things into account – and then be able to describe it on a piece of paper well enough to sell it to the band and get the commission to make it!

That is a lot to consider. So, it is vital that you research your idea – analyse the track clearly, breaking down the meaning, the style, the duration, the content, the imagery – and the best way is to just listen to it, focusing on a different aspect each time. Then you can begin to develop ideas – and bear in mind it needs to fit in with the current style of the music, the performer – What are their stage shows like? Who are their fans? What are their other videos like? What is the purpose of this music video?

Once we have developed an idea for the music video as a creative concept, we can begin to match up the techniques we have already explored to this new idea. We can match these up to decide on the content – bearing in mind it needs to be feasible! After that we can get down to the serious planning (Scheduling, crew, cast, props, costume etc) – but we need to sell our idea first!


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