A collaborative approach to creating

Posted: April 23, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 11_13, Critical Responses

The Critical Responses Unit is about how the media views the audience – reducing the mass of individuals to an easily digestible set of classifications, how products are created for them, how they actually respond to them and how you respond to products. As such it has the potential to be dull.

The subject, however, is important – we, as producers, need to understand the audience and how to shape products for them. There are four main areas to explore :

  • Audience – How do we know who is watching? How are they watching? Who are they?
  • Products – How are products shaped for an audience? What choices do we make in production?
  • Debates – How do audiences respond to the products? What are the main debates around media theory?
  • Analysis – Produce a response to a product – as an analysis or review –

What we are going to do is make a site to explore the subject. Students will collaborate with me to produce the site as an interactive resource – think wikipedia, but with more accuracy.  This site will be aimed directly at 16-19 yr old media students on A level or vocational courses.

We, as teachers, will be the producers and the curators. Students will be the authors and contributors. As they research, and respond to the criteria, you will submit in the most appropriate format – suitable for the audience that you are targeting.



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