PASSport: Shot Sizes

Posted: September 3, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in General

In this exercise you will learn the names for the different shot sizes, while learning how to capture and edit.

Having a frame of reference when talking about the kinds of shot you are using is essential in film making. It means you are all talking about the same thing!
We want you to film an object or person to show the different shot sizes. You will then upload it to your blog (via Youtube or as a series of stills) so you have a record of them.
Make sure you cover: Extreme Close Up, Close Up, Medium Close Up, Wide Close up, Close Shop, Medium Close Shot, Mid Shot, Medium Wide Shot, Wide Shot, Long Shot, Medium Long Shot and Extreme Long Shot.

Here are a few examples of other versions –


And for dealing with people –

If you don’t complete it in the session, you will be able to use your self study time to get it on your blog.


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