The Somerset Business Awards start here….

Posted: September 5, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14

So, first day back and we need to make sure everyone is up to speed with the equipment they need to use. Add to this that we are shooting on new cameras, and editing on new software with a new work flow- and all this while making sure we are producing a professional and creative short film which pleases two clients by promoting specific values of the company and the award. So, no pressure.

On Friday we will do a test. You will get a company, you will research them and come up with a list of questions and answers as a script for a 30 second film promoting them. You can base this on the Corporate films you have been looking at over the summer. You will film in small groups, and edit the films ready for feedback.

Who will you research? Previous nominations have included –

  • Family Business of the Year – Monkton Elm
  • Marketing – Higos Insurance
  • Business of the Year 51+ – Clarke Wilmott
  • Collaboration and Innovation – Gerber Juice
  • Best Exporter – Hilton Herbs
  • New to Somerset – M5 Glass

You will be given one of these companies to research in groups of 4. You will develop the script, and decide who takes what role – Boss (interviewee) or crew (Interviewer, camera, sound). It is the whole teams responsibility to communicate the important information – The award, the company USP and what the company actually do…

We are also looking for this to be communicated in a creative way – we want films to be entertaining as well as informative, accurate and interesting. All within the brief of the SBA.

Once you have filmed, you will need to archive the footage – audio and video. This is essential when working with a client. Or with any footage you really don’t want to have to re-shoot. You can then start editing as a team.

At the end of the day we will look at the finished films and review them – we are looking for what teams did well as well as correcting what didn’t work as well. Primarily, we want you up to speed with the technology and the process. Next week, we will have the real short list.

That’s when it gets hard….




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