NED2: Critical Responses

Posted: November 19, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14, Creative Media Production, Critical Responses
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So, we are now fully committed to the Glossary Assignment for Media Fort 2, and you still have Media Fort to reference to if you get stuck.

So, Today

  • You will carry on with the brief, submitting as posts to Media Fort.
  • If you get stuck – raise your hand, and ask the question. We will stop and try and answer the question.
  • This will help you as a group to complete the posts.

I will chase up those students absent last week – I need to make sure they are up to speed with this project before it gets going in earnest. So, If you aren’t signed up to WordPress, you will need to do that before I can sign you up to Media Fort 2.

Once I have everyone signed up – I will push tasks 2 and 3!


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