NED2: Script to Screen 2013 – 2014.

Posted: November 20, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14, Creative Media Production
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Since a few of you have been asking what is happening, I thought I’d do a quick breakdown of what is happening. You will get a brief soon, but over the next few weeks we are focussing on basic skills to prepare you for the Project itself which, in short, is collaborating with actors to produce a short film about living in a small town.

You will help to develop a story around their characters, script it, plan it and shoot and edit. They will be available for a 3 week window of shooting (including Half Term), and for pick-ups and sound work.

You will need to manage it!

4/11  Assessment Week
11/11 Scripting Basic

Structure, Character & Formatting,

18/11 Testing a script: Opportunities & Describing for the camera.

Describe what you see…

25/11 Project Briefing: Mike Leigh & The Small Town.

And Role of the Writer

2/12 *Friday 6th* All Students!

Gathering Research for Script

Screen test of Characters

Workshopping the story

9/12 Story & Script Workshop
16/12  No sessions: Thursday / Friday off.


6/1 Final Script

Reading Workshop

(Each reader takes notes on each script read)

13/1 Commissioning Board

Green light best scripts

All to Pitch & Proposal

20/1 Pre Production & rehearsals

Blocking Workshop & Storyboarding

27/1 Pre production & Rehearsal

All folders complete

3/2 Filming Window
10/2 Filming Window

(Rome Trips)

Half Term & Filming Opportunities

24/2 Post

Pickups, ADR

3/3 Post

Pickups, ADR

10/3 Post

Pickups, ADR

17/3 Final Submission and Screening



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