NED1: The Media Fort

Posted: November 27, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 13_15, Creative Media Production, Critical Responses

The Glossary Brief is just what it says  – it is about defining the words we need to use when talking about Audience Research, Constructing Products, how audiences receive these products and your own personal responses. It is aimed to give you a pass, but without using these words you cannot get a merit or distinction. That having been said, most people find it easier to explain using examples – which puts it into a merit anyway…

Once you have your user name, you need to make sure I add you to Media Fort 2. You will get an email which you accept, and then you can post.

You then need to start posting. Text. Images. Videos. Audio. As long as it does what I have asked you to do (ie defined the words).

As to the key terms I have asked you to define – go to the mind maps. When you are talking about, say, Market Research, define 3 of the terms at the end of the branch (EG Product Market, Competitor analysis, advertising placement etc). You don’t need to define them all, as there are 50 other people defining those as well. Armed with these definitions, you should have a better understanding of the main are you are talking about – IE market research.

You can work together to figure all this out, but you need to post you own, individual work for each one. That is up to you!



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