FdA2: PO&WBL planning

Posted: January 20, 2014 by Alan Hardcastle in FDA 13_15, Media Production
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So, you have your case studies  (at least 16 of them by the last visitor reckoning, plus all the personal ones you found that relate to you alone) all neatly tucked away in your research folder and ready to go. That is just the start of it.

Now, you need to plan how you are going to promote yourself, your skills, your products etc. – ie what do you need to do to get noticed?

This could be developing:

  • website – What goes in it? What does it look like? How will you build it?
  • show reel – What are you promoting? Think how you would use a CV.
  • networking – How do you build your contacts? Social Networking? In person?
  • Film Festivals – Awareness of / Attendance at / entry into
  • making business cards  /logos / headers for letters – for web / print / video – how necessary are they?

You may also want to organise a screening as part of the PO unit – This would be a good approach to promoting yourself, and even if it is planned for after this unit, I can grade the plan!

Another useful tool is to have a statement of intent.  A manifesto, as it where, of what you are trying to achieve. This could be private motivation or public education; and can work as a mantra to keep you motivated.

So, at this stage, what is your first instinctual plan of action? What are you going to do? Then, you can question it based on your case studies to develop your plan and, obviously, put it into action!


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