NED1 – Top 10 Greatest Music Videos ever

Posted: March 3, 2014 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 12_14, Creative Media Production

Scenario – You are about to be asked to make a Music Video as part of your job in “DigiFlex”, the in house production company. You will be making a music video for one of a number of existing clients, or even drumming up some new clients.

This means you need to be ready to demonstrate your market knowledge of Music Videos, as well as definitively finding out what the best music video is!

Task 1 – What Sticks?

You need to find out what people actually like. Using whatever tools at your disposal (Facebook, work of mouth, forums etc) find out what Music Videos people actually like / remember. Get as long a list as you possible can!

You will need to Store this as a word document. This will be the start of your research!

Task 2 – Making Sense…

So, you now have a list. Out of the videos identified, how many kept cropping up? Make a top 10 of videos suggested for the list – if you have a list of 5 videos with more than 2 votes, and the rest with 1 – well, you will have to do more research! Adjust your word document list to reflect the most suggested ones.

Task 3 –  The Research begins…

Find the video on Youtube. What are the viewing figures? How many people have watched it? How many people have liked it?

Use this to influence your top 10 – so, find the most popular video in your list (and knock a few of those 1 voters out form Task 2!).

There will also be comments below the video. Tip: Ignore trolls. And comments about the song / artist. We want relevant comments about the video and what is good or special  about it

  • why do people like the music video?
  • Why is it considered a Great music video?
  • What is it that people like about it?

On your word document, paste a link to the video file, and record the views / likes / comments.

Task 4 – The Research Continues

Now – watch each video. You will need to write about it –

  • What happens in it? Describe what we see.
  • What is the style?
  • What is the genre?
  • What techniques were used to make it? (May take some extra research!)
  • What are the really good bits? (Get Screen Grabs!)

Add this to the word document.

Task 5 – Collate your findings

Make a post on your blog. In each post you will include all the information you generated in your word document, including:

  • Link to the video
  • Likes
  • Views
  • Comments (See task 3)
  • Your description of it (See Task 4)

You will make sure your blog presents the information to the public in an entertaining way – you want it to be read by other people!

Task 6 – Checking your research.

Once you have your 10 posts, make sure other people have a look at them and give you feedback.

Also, read other people’s posts and give them feedback.

Remember the purpose of this task is to find the best music video!


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