FdA2: PO & WBL Presentations

Posted: March 17, 2014 by Alan Hardcastle in FdA 12_14
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OK – so someone mentions “Mission statements” and a quick search popped up a nice article on www.entrepreneur.com about how to write them. Not only do they serve a great purpose to focus you on what you actually want to achieve, the advice they give also serves as a great structure for the presentation!

So, a mission statement (in my opinion) is more useful as a personal tool than as an attempt to humanise a business. It is a statement of intent that influences your actions as a business (Freelancer, employee, film-maker etc.). As such, they need to be short and sweet – keep them punchy, positive and professional!

  • Why are you in the Media Industry? What do you want for yoursefl, your family and your clients?Think about the spark that ignited your decision to start in media. What will keep it burning?
  • Who are your customers? What can you do in your content for them that will enrich their lives and contribute to them–now and in the future?
  • :What image of yourself as a media practitioner do you want to convey? Clients, peers and the public will all have perceptions of your wotk. How will you create the desired picture?
  • What is the nature of your productions and products? What factors determine pricing and quality? Consider how these relate to the reasons for your working in the Media. How will all this change over time?
  • What level of service do you provide? Don’t be vague; define what makes you as a media practitioner so extraordinary.
  • What roles do you and your peers / contacts play? What are your strengths? How doe you bring other people into your productions? How do you communicate with them to encourage team work?
  • What kind of relationships will you maintain with clients? Do you stay in touch with clients, and do they come back to you again and again? How doe you achieve this?
  • How do you differ from your competitors? Many entrepreneurs forget they are pursuing the same dollars as their competitors. What do you do better, cheaper or faster than other content producers? How can you use competitors’ weaknesses to your advantage? How will you stand out form the crowd?
  • How will you use technology, money, processes, products and services to reach your goals? A description of your strategy will keep your energies focused on your goals – pretty much the PO & WBL unit. How do you promote yourself using a variety of technology and channels?
  • What underlying philosophies or values guided your responses to the previous questions? Some people choose to list these separately. Writing them down clarifies the “why” behind your mission. Are you out to change the world, or just entertain people?

So, with all this information you need to summarise what you are doing and focus on the positive actions within these. Imply certain things (live of films etc) and state doing – I cannot emphasise this enough – always emphasis what you actually do!


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