UK TV Film Tasks

Posted: February 4, 2015 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 14_16, Creative Media Production


The following is needed, and can be improved version of the planning pitch.

treatment – typed up in word

Script – typed up in celtx

Storyboard – eg screen shot,, Skitch etc

Set Designs – using Shot Designer

Recce – Photograph places to be used – Skitch linked to evernote

Risk Assessment – use images and Risk Assessment Pro Forma

Schedule – Times of shoot, booking equipment

Crew and actor call sheets, job roles for each person

Display – print, put in folder or put in Submission Drive.



Have photographic evidence of the safe set up of the equipment – e.g evidence of following the Risk assessment.

Link File names of video and audio files to shot list / Storyboard

Be careful of bad camera techniques – make sure camera, Mis en scene,  lighting and sound are all good quality.


Appropriate and relevant visual and audio effects

Log everything, and organize record where it is.

Produce evidence (Screen shots, photos, witness) of the off line & on line edit.

Make the technical standards as high as possible.

Put it in submissions!



Make a focus group: Develop survey; Get sample of target audience, give them questionairre

Collect Answers (Written or recorded) and evaluate it.

Classification Certificate: Identify the content suitable for the target audience, compare to audience feedback, Write a letter to the BBFC to explain the classification.



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