Planning for the Focus Group

Posted: March 11, 2015 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 14_16, Creative Media Production

Check in your Brief: Outcome 4 says…

Be able to propose
certification for the original
short film or sequence of
a film produced based on
feedback gained from a focus

You need to host a focus group for your film, and use the information you get form it to inform your classification.

So, what is a focus group?

This may be a funny example, but holds some clear truths. A focus group is a small sample of the target audience, who are questioned about their thoughts on the product. This information is used to influence changes to the product.

How are they conducted?

We need to develop a plan of action. You need to decide what you want to find out. What is the purpose of the focus group? Primarily, your answer will always be “to find out what the audience thinks about the product”. This gives us some ideas about how we are going to question the audience.

Then we need to decide how you we are going to capture it. If we write things down, people will be lazy and not write too much. It is also hard to dig deeper. If we talk to them, we may well find they are a bit like the above example. We need to direct them a bit – politely but firmly! So, some examples…

They could be used to change formats –

Charlie Brooker talks to Americans

They could be used to check demographic psycho-graphics…

Charlie Brooker talks about Youth TV

Both of these are filmed, audio and visual captured. This means we can analyze this later, but we have captured some deeper elements. It also gives us time to write things down, consider them and act on them at our leisure.

So, we want to know what people think of our film, see what they think about the classification and be able to justify it in a letter to the BBFC. So, over to you to.

How are you going to collect information at the screening that can be used to justify a classification? What questions do you need to ask? How will you record it?





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