Script to Screen: Introduction to VFX and SFX: 6th November 2015

Posted: November 5, 2015 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 14_16, Creative Media Production
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Task 1: In class –

Find a VFX tutorial online and replicate it. For example –

Simple VFX Tests:

  • Get hit by a car
  • Landing like Hancock
  • Green screen in a location (including shadow!)
  • Crawling out of a TV (The Ring)
  • Lightsabers

Follow the instructions to produce your own version individually or in a small group.

Task 2: At Home –

Define the difference between Special Effects and Visual Effects.

Research into the use of VFX and SFX in a range of a/v media products.

For example:

TV Shows –

Dr Who (TARDIS dematerialisation effect, Dalek guns, explosions, spacecraft flying, prosthetic makeup)

Grandpa in my pocket (shrinking down to a small size)

Game of Thrones (Use of Miniatures, green screen etc)

Films –

Lord of the Rings – How to make a 6ft actor look like a dwarf, walking trees, explosions, etc.

James Bond – Explosions, scale models etc

Adverts –

BMW x5 commercial

Music Videos –

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift) (Explosions, models, makeup)

You will find your own 6 examples of SFX and 6 examples of VFX within a range of media products – ie 1 film, 1 TV show, 1 advert, 1 music video etc.

Analyse the effect (VFC / SFX, how it was done) – hint – it may be easier to find a VFX breakdown on the sequence…


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