Major Project: Research into VFX & SFX

Posted: November 16, 2016 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 15_17, Creative Media Production

You are going to make a 5-minute short film. You will need to produce 3 visual effects and 1 special effect, plus at least one of each of the types of sound for the sound design.

The best place to start is research. You will need to analyse at least 4 sequences (scenes, bits of films or TV shows etc) for the VFX, SFX and sound units. I recommend using the same ones for each unit – that way you will get a deeper analysis.

I have compiled a playlist of VFX & SFX breakdowns and tutorials. Please watch as many as possible!
Select a Tutorial and recreate it. For example; flying, knocked down by a car, hands on fire or cloning are good starting points. Watch the tutorials, film for the effect and then follow it to get to know After Effects better.
This will also help you to analyse the sequences in more detail – so try and recreate the effect they have done. You can then use this as a VFX breakdown to better explain the analysis.
This analysis can be presented using a number of techniques. Start by storyboarding it. This can then be used for SFX , VFX and sound separately – one storyboard, photocopied and used for 3 different analysis. Sketch on each version to identify and describe the elements you are looking at – and then either do an AV presentation or write a report on it.


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