Pitch Checklist

Posted: November 28, 2016 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 16_18
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This is a general pitching checklist, but I have added a few things specifically for OCR:

a) treatment


Are they believable?

Are their motivations clear?

Do they develop or do they end the piece the same as when it began?


Is there any?

Is it specific?

Is something at stake which is important to the characters?


Do people do things?

Does anything happen?

Does anyone make anything happen?

Is it clear why people do things?


Is the story full of cause and effect?

Doe the story make sense?


Is there variety of pace?

Are there climaxes?

Does the conflict develop?

Is your protagonist put under increasing pressure in Act 2?

Does the end work?


Is there an evident theme?

Is it clear what the piece is about

b) budget

How much will it cost to make the full version?

How much will it cost to make a pilot?

How much will it cost to make in college”

NB – nothing is free!

c) production schedule with launch date

How long will it take to film?

How long will it take to Edit?

When will it be broadcast?

d) proposed cast/stars

Who should be in it?

Who is it written for?

Who can be in it?

e) target audience

Who is it for?

How will it appeal to them?

What else are they into?

f ) sample materials

Show examples of what it will look like…

Cue Trailers, Script, posters


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