Promotion & Exhibition: Plan for Promotion

Posted: March 13, 2017 by Alan Hardcastle in General

LO2 Identify and undertake further training, develop existing skills and acquire new competencies in the design and production of a range of digital marketing and promotional materials

So, in English:

  1. Plan what you need to do to promote yourself
  2. Identify what you can do yourself already
  3. Identify skills you need to develop to deliver promotion
  4. Follow the plan to develop the skills

So, based on all the case studies and analysis you have done for LO1, identify the techniques you want to use to promote your own work.  This should be based on your personal specialism,  but don’t stick exclusively to taking skills and techniques from your own specialism – there is a lot a filmmaker can learn from  a Photographer, and Visa-Versa.

For example:

  • Press Releases – are they useful? How do you write them?
  • Business cards – are they still useful? What makes them good?
  • Physical exhibitions – how different are they for Photographers, artists, filmmakers? How do you organise them? How do you get people to them?
  • Web Sites – how do you use them for promotion? How do you get people to see them? How do people use them?
  • Social Media – how is it used? How is it consumed?
  • Crowd Funding – How does it work? Who has made successful ones? How?

For all techniques, make sure you analyse the approaches you have looked at and analyse the skills and techniques used. For example – writing a Press Release is a very specific skill which involves identifying how you are telling the story of your product/event, adapting it for the outlet you are aiming it at in order to appeal to the audience you want to read it.

From this you can identify the skills you need to develop – and then you can research how to improve them and track your development. It may be talking about it with others to find out how they successfully do it, developing skills in analysing newspaper/magazine stories or just finding the right proofreaders. It is vital that you can demonstrate how you are acquiring the skills through the research folder.

Both this post and the previous post refer to outcomes which are submitted as a research folder. This will contain case studies (in an academic style – whether primary or secondary, whether existing studies or your own analysis), your own plan for promoting and exhibiting your work and evidence of your development of skills.


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