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Notes from Passport Sesison 1

Posted: September 3, 2013 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 13_15, General
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A blog is a place where you can:

Expressing life
Sharing Views and opinions
Discussing / debating?
Sharing Media / Pictures
Personal Page
Like a Diary / journal / Log

There are a number of big blogging sites, for example –

Pro – Big Community, easy to use, creative writing focus, continuing to expand
Cons – Too many options, Ads, Themes can be tricky, intimidating

Pro – Easy to use, Lots of creative themes, reblog, built in communities, customisable, feedback system, visual media key 
Cons – cant back up, Very young community (immature), built for short posts, adverts

pro – easy to use, lots of design tools, custom domain names
Cons – New interface confusing,