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Marketing & Promotion – the first steps…

Posted: November 15, 2017 by Alan Hardcastle in FDA 16_18, Media Production
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This unit is pretty much broken up into Marketing and Promoting 3 separate projects – The Comic-con, Film Festival and you.
The Comic-con – 4th May

Comic-con is more of a dog whistle promotion for the college – we are focussing on a good event that covers Film, TV, Comics, Video Games, Desktop games, cosplay,  Fantasy & Sci-Fi.

Content will be Cosplay related, with Vendors, Workshops (Computer Games, Video, Media Make-Up), Tabletop Games, Screenings, Retro Gaming, Artists and Special Guests.

We need to get a Logo, design the web page, promote the event to Vendors (Pricing and contracts), set ticket prices (using eventright?), Security, attract more guests (Actors, artists, writers, Cosplayers, youtubers etc)

Workshops will be an essential, especially to focus on the courses the college offers that link into this niche market. Establishing the revenue streams now is also essential if we are to expand this to a Saturday as well.
Film Festival – 25th April

A more corporate promotion of the college, we will need to promote it early to raise awareness of it for students and local schools alike.

Content will be a combination of Bridgwater & Taunton College Student Film work, based on projects they are doing for qualifications – so music videos, TV, Short films, Documentaries on a theme of Identity.

We need to get logo designed and develop the website, talk to Marketing, design posters and distribute them (around college, around local schools and colleges), set a budget for prizes – and most important of all, get it on Film Freeway ASAP. Design Academy is working on a Logo, and we can get Film Freeway moving before we update that.

We have an existing web WordPress website here.


You will need you do your Bio and Personal Statement, as well as any progression materials – UCAS applications, CV, Showreel, website, twitter feed, Facebook page, Linked in profile, Course Site, etc…

All this will support the college projects, as well as the college projects promoting you.


Marketing and Promotion

Posted: October 1, 2014 by Alan Hardcastle in FDA 13_15
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Marketing is a means of getting your product out to a market. It involves raising awareness of the product, and can be thought of as the 4 p’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotional Strategy.

Product – what is the product? This can be you. This can be your films, your photos. It can also be the social network, the Facebook or twitter feed, the blog. For our first project, we will be looking at the Course as a product.

Price – How much do you charge? This is always an issue for freelancers. But we have a way of lookign at this in terms of Short term and long term gains. So, in terms of the course we need to convince and customer that the short term loss (ie pay) is outweighed by the long term gain – ie increased turnover from the final advert.

Place – where does the product happen, or where do you need to go? Amazon wins on this, because they are everywhere. We may be limited to Bridgwater. But we aren’t – we look to Somerset (far more marketable!) or nationally (if we have transport) or internationally via the web. This can be in terms of production or distribution – in terms of the course, we operate in Somerset and promote internationally.

Promotion Strategy – well, how do we put it together? talk to people. Test things. We put the hyperlapse out and it was well received. We put the Cinemagraph out to a general “Meh..”. So, the idea of follwoing through techniques and pushing them out to an audience seems to be positive (Cue Comment about regular blog as promotion…)

Behind all of this is research – you need to do secondary research to establish the basis of what we are looking at, analyzing the existing methods and techniques. Choose Google. Choose the LRC. Choose talking to LRC staff about finding stuff. Then, when you talk to professionals and do your primary research, you are not wasting their time! You know what you are asking them – or clarifying from them. That way you can impress them and make a contacts at the same time. Find professionals, see if you can get them in, or record the conversation. Then from this conversation, you will go back to the secondary research to explore the techniques more – and then get in touch with other professionals…. etc, etc.

So, read books to find techniques. Use this to talk to people about how they apply the techniques, Read more books about techniques. Rinse and repeat.

Then apply techniques. Test. Retest.

Over to you!