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So, how are you going to approach the research for Music Video Assignment 2? Simple. It’s all about the examples.

Remember, you need to be able to explain all that you find out as part of a video – so finding examples is key. No one wants to watch a show where you talk about music videos without playing any.

So, here is a suggested plan to follow:

  • List all the techniques used in music videos as listed on the assignment / personal blogs / etc
  • Find an example of each technique in at least two music videos.
  • Use a variety of search engines such as youtube, google, plus a range of sources of information such as the directors series dvd’s, books on music videos, making of music video films, websites with top 100 music videos, magazines etc to find examples of videos and explanation of techniques.
  • Use these to explain the techniques. It looks better when you show the technique being used in a variety of music videos – this will also help you explain it more fully.

Once you have done this, you should have a long list of music videos you can describe the styles of – use them to explain the style, and if you haven’t covered all the styles, find 2 videos for each style and use this to explain them.

That just leaves conventions – but you should have a really long list of music videos now! look at the list in the brief, and find examples of these in your list of music videos. You can use these examples to explain the conventions – and maybe refer back to the purposes in assignment 1.

So, how can we put it all together? Remember, this is about making it for an audience. You need to guide them through the different factors of a music video. To do this, you need to structure how you are explaining everything. Write a script, as this will help you focus on what you are doing. Here is a suggested structure to follow:

“There are lots of types of music video. For example, live performance, where a band is filmed playing live, like ‘Psycho Killer’ by Talking Heads from ‘Stop Making Sense'”….etc. [add clips of videos, talk over the top of them]

Most music video tend to follow a set of conventions – [define conventions] – for example, they may extend the meaning of the song – for example, ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay focuses on the “…going back to the start.” line, but adds a narrative that is show backwards….. [add clips of videos, talk over the top of them]

so, how are they made? there are some basic techniques used, for example a video tends to be shot to the playback of a recording of the song. this will also be the track that the filming will be edited to – this means that when the performer mimes or dances to the track, it will be in sync for the edit….. [add video of you making a music video, playing back the song and having performer mime to track]….. etc.

All of this is suggested. You can add different Techniques, Styles or Conventions if you have examples – don’t limit yourself to the list. An remember, you have an audience!


Workshop – Music and Copyright

Posted: February 28, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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7: W/C 27/2/12

Copyright Music

Music will be an important part of your sound design, but it is vital that you don’t just put anything on. If the music you have selected is copyright material, the author may not appreciate you using his work without permisison. We will look at avoiding this, by using Creative Commons, musicians and asking permisson form the copyright holders directly.

This will take place in the LRC.

  • What breaks Copyright?
  • Why is it important?
  • Alternatives to copyright music?
  • Sources of copyright cleared music.

You will need to refelct on the information in the presentation and the results of the activity, as well as find some suitable music for your video.

And for more information on Copyright, read my other blog!

    Blog Tasks

    o   What is copyright?

    o   What is covered by copyright?

    o   What should you be aware of?

    o   Where can you get copyright cleared music?