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SBA Production Team Tasks

Posted: September 18, 2011 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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As production team, you are the middle man – the researchers have given you a shopping list, and you need to get all the ingredients.

The most vital thing is to get it right. Check your equipment, know your research, memorise the map. Never go in cold, and never assume the research pack is complete complete complete. 

Your roles and responsibilities are – 

  • Film to a high standard
  • White balance in all areas
  • use available light
  • record sound to a high standard (ch1 – Boom mic, Ch2 – internal mic or Lapel Mic, aim for -6db)
  • check sound signal and monitor at all times
  • follow question list
  • follow shot list
  • add questions / shots based on opportunities on site
  • be professional on site
  • Log shots
  • Log interviews
  • Update rough script
  • Label all tapes
  • Pass tapes and logging onto editing team.

SBA Research Team Tasks

Posted: September 18, 2011 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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As part of the research team, you will define what needs to happen for each film. You play a pivotal role which gives a firm base for the rest of the production.

Your roles and responsibilities are:

  • Create a realistic schedule
  • Follow the research list
  • Collate all information given (contact details, 6 facts, nominations)
  • Find news stories
  • Summarise what the company does
  • Find similar corporate videos
  • Find copyright free music
  • Make a list of questions
  • Write a rough script
  • Find the story
  • Get pack signed off by tutor
  • Make a shot list
  • Contact client
  • Be professional when dealing with client
  • Make appointment / window of appointments
  • Talk client through process (email Questions)
  • Assign production team
  • Assign editing team


SBA Team Responsibilities

Posted: September 18, 2011 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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It is important to understand the full nature of what we are doing on this project. You have met the client, watched examples, and now have the first few nomination shortlists. Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for a busy month. To this end, here are my expectations of what you will need to do as a team and as an individual.

This is a team task, therefore the entire class is expected to behave in a particular way and follow the same set of tasks. It is your responsibility to input into the project. Failure to do so will result in expulsion form the project and failure of the unit. Please use this to guide you through the project and the assignment.

All team members will need to:-

  • Meet all deadlines
  • Stick to the schedule
  • Observe organisational hierarchy (Client, Tutors, Task Team Leaders, Production Team leaders.)
  •  Team leaders will be responsible for making sure their team members are aware of their individual role, and all tasks are being met.
  • Take responsibility for completion of all tasks within their team
  • Be professional at all times.

Team roles and responsibilities will follow in the next few posts.