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Sound Design: Using Soundtrack

Posted: January 10, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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To start with, I need to remove all the blocks that normally accompany students not getting to grips with sound design – except one. The technology.

So, to start you off, please read the gudience below, do the task and then blog your response.

Outcomes for week 1:

1. Be able to select a discipline in which to apply sound design skills

1.1 Select one of the following disciplines within which to apply

their own sound design skills

· film and video

· animation

· multi-media, internet and computer games

· installation art

1.2 Justify their choice of discipline identifying intended outcome/s

1: W/C 9/1/12

Starting the design:

So, using nothinh other than  microphone, the mixer and soundtrack – replace the sounds of this video. I have selected this as the original is so preposterous and unreal it should inspire confidence in you to imporve it. Please be careful and stay true to the humour of the original.

Blog Entry Tasks:

o   Identify skills needed for sound design

o   Discuss choice of film for the main submission

o   Justify your film choice.

o   Make notes about using Soundtrack

o   Discuss Results of Tasks – How far did you get? Were you able to improve on the original?

o   Email link to Blog as a reply to this post.