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Plan your Sound Design

Posted: January 17, 2012 by Alan Hardcastle in CMP 10_12
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OK – this will be quite dry on purpose, because I just need you to start considering what you are going to do. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

So, you areb telling me waht you intend to do – this is important. In the same way you present ideas to a client, you will present your intention to me. What sounds do you need where? Don’t worry about generating them – ignore any of those constraints, just go wild and describe what your imagination hears.

Outcomes for week 2 – 5

2. Be able to create an original sound design

2.1 Select and use appropriate techniques and processes to create an original sound design, which may include

· sound to image

· location recording

· sampling

· mixing

· synthesis

· live processing

· spatialisation (e.g. 5.1 surround, stereo, binaural)

· music composition

2.2 Work within legislative and health and safety guidelines for sound design

2.3 Use specialist equipment competently to achieve intended outcome


2: W/C 16/1/12

Making Track sheets

You will create track sheets to show what you inted to do in your sound design.

  • Analyse the chosen video
  • Prepare track sheets
  • Identify sounds


You will make blog entries showing your planning for the sound design you are making.

  • o   Put Screen Shots on Blog
  • o   List & describe sounds needed for that section of the video
  • o   Classify them (music, foley, dialogue, sfx & ambient)
  • o   List possible sources of each sound
  • o   Identify Equipment needed to generate / record the sound.

You will complete the sound design stage by week 5.

The following weeks will be focussing on the scriptwriting project due to timetable constraints. You are expected to complete the design in your own time.





Script Filming




Script Filming




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