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What you will be marked on

4 Be able to develop responses to media products

Critical approaches: eg content analysis, semiotic analysis, structuralism,

Genre: according to production technology, eg film, video, audio, print, digital; distribution method, eg television, cinema, radio, internet, CD, iPod, mobile phone, home computer, hand-held consoles; generic codes and conventions (content, style, symbolic, cultural, technical); changes over time, eg in audience, ideological shifts, re-definition, obsolescence, spoof, pastiche, parody

Narrative structures: narrative, eg single strand, multi-strand, closed, open, linear, non-linear; alternative narrative; enigma; climax; equilibrium

Representation: negative; positive; of social groups; of social issues; stereotyping; presence and absence



Suggested Tasks

P4 present a descriptive response to a media product with some appropriate use of subject terminology. [IE] 

  • Apply your content analysis, the effects theories and the audience response to create a final response to the product.
  • Draw conclusions as to the effects of this particular product
  • Write a conclusion to you report that describes the purpose and effect of the product.

M4 present a discussion of a media product with reference to detailed illustrative examples and with generally correct use of subject terminology.

  • Draw conclusions about the effects of this product based on your content analysis, the audience theories and the audience response.
  • Discuss your response to the media product
  • Draw conclusions as to whether this shows a wider set of issues with violent media
  • Write a conclusion to you report that explains your ideas using examples.

D4 present an analysis of a media product with supporting arguments and elucidated examples, and consistently using subject terminology correctly.

  • Compare responses to this media product to responses to other media products.
  • Analyze the media product with reference to your analysis of the content, the effect theories and the audience response.
  • Write a conclusion that explores the content and effect of violent media products using examples.



Present Your Results

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20th April – 4th May

Now it is time to interpret you results to present a response to the chosen product.

You can now take a clear look at the report as a whole, and see if you can draw and conclusions to the original question.

You have:-

  • ·       Audience Profile
  • ·       a content analysis
  • ·       Definition of Effects Theories
  • ·       Audience Response

So, write a conclusion that draws all these elements together – for example, people reading Harry potter often write their own stories, showing active participation in these forms of media.

So, you will have your own personal response to the product, as well as an audience response, which you can now explore using effects theories and content analysis.

Remember, we are focusing on Violent Media effecting society – so, if we have people watching violent films and then re-enacting them (admitting this in focus group), this would show hypodermic needle theory, an active participation and some elements of copycat theory. This would lead us to conclude that there is a link. But we need to refer to the evidence!

Apply what you have found, in general, to other products. Does what you have found out answer the original Question?

Make sure all your information has been presented, explained, and then write your response and a conclusion to explain everything you have discovered.